Did Chicken Really Come Before The Egg

Have you ever be confused as to which come first among the chicken or the egg? come to think of it, is it possible for egg to be hatched without a chicken and if you think about it from another point of view, chicken can only come alive when an egg is hatched? This seems like a mystery that has give reasons for asking so many question about this confusing phenomenon. if I asked you which come first, chicken or the egg? what will you say.

Anyway in this article I will like to highlight some facts that confirmed that chicken came first before egg. From scientific point of view, before an egg could be formed there must be a fusion of  male sperm DNA and DNA of a female ovum to form a zygote and the mutation from both will formed a chicken. but some have disagreed that how did the so called chicken that hatched the first egg came to existence.

More scientific researcher believe that egg shell can only formed from  protein that is in chicken ovaries, this has really makes it reasonable to say an egg can only formed from a chicken. If then both are independent of each other, that is chicken cannot formed alone on its own without chicken and in turn chicken is formed from an egg. There is no doubt that chicken come first before the egg.

Therefore, how did the first chicken that formed the first egg come about? from my own point of view, We can evidently linked the scientific outcome of this mysteries with the origin of creation that God created all creatures in two two, male and female and going down the memory lane as the history revealed and more evidence that can be read from the bible an ancient book in the history. when God instructed Noah to build an ark and asked him to keep animals in two two, there is possibility that male and female chicken were among the surviving animals that Noah kept alive that survive the destruction of Noah’s day. Therefore the tales of destruction of Noah’s days is evident that chicken of both sex are among the surviving animal species that proves the continuity of chicken up till today.

Furthermore, it will be interest to know that researcher shows that a non-mother chicken do not show interest in egg that are not their own and they will not lay on such egg to hatched them because such egg is not their own and have tendency of destroying eggs that are not their own. the bottom line is that for an egg to be hatched, it required some degree of temperature from the mother hen. this debunks the claimed that maybe other species can help in hatching chicken eggs that are not originally their own species.

In summary, I can only conclude that chicken come first before the egg because egg cannot be hatched on its own and the first chicken can be traced to the origin of creation and this also inline with scientific research that egg formed from chicken.

Despite all the point above, there will still be some disagreement on the mystery of this phenomenon as to which one come first. egg or chicken? what is your own perspective. Join the conversation in the comment section


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