Do You Think Men Are Stronger Than Women

Have you ever wonder who is much stronger among the two gender, male or female, there is nothing that men can do women can do it more better. how true is this philosophy.

Do you think men power lies in the amount of muscle built, what about skills and a thinking ability, do you think female folks are lesser in term of skills ability strength and energy.
There are so much controversy about who is much more stronger among male or female, anyway going down the memory lane when God first created the first woman which is Adam and Eve, according to the Bible, God use part of male bone to create the first woman, and does that make woman lesser ability and strength? im sure the female folks usually disagree on this.

More so, women are more stronger than men i’m sure many men will disagree on this you often hear people saying women are weaker vessel how true is that, according to science, women tend to endure in time of illness, suffering and can tolerate much more difficult situation than men.

Furthermore scientist says women has some undertone power that they cannot even explain, in term of energy and inner strength, they claimed that women are better survival than men.

In term of health, scientists have proven that women are more tolerance to illness and infections and attempt to recover more quickly than men. This may be due to the high level of oestrogen and progesterone in woman’s body which makes women immune system to be stronger and can easily fight infection. This awesome writer point that makes women in position of enduring harsh and difficult situation than the men counterpart.

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Do we now say men power or strength lies in the amount of body build muscle, not at all. Most men are not just built or have muscle alone. Men are characterized with the ability to undertake a more tedious work than women also men are seen from protective angle and have tendency of overpower in a fight or physical struggle. Does that depend on the physical ability or the age bracket of that man and woman there are competing against each other.

From another perspective, men has higher dominant than a Woman counterpart but the truth remains that women do engage in other stronger Sports like their male counterparts.

According to a professional boxer who believes that women can throw punches in the same way like their male counterparts if they are well trained but does that gives women same leverage like their male counterparts? I will not say yes or no I will rather prefer to sit on the fence.

In summary, I might decided to pitch my tent with men knowing fully well that from the days when men were boys they are grown up to be physically built for example boys love sports activity that develop their body much more than women boys and girls in sports like football boxing and to do more hard and tedious work than women.

In contrast, girls while growing up are encouraged to do more of the less tedious job they encourage them to shut they will not allow them to get involved in more in much more hard work than their male counterparts.

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Men are grown to be much more stronger at the adult age Started From when they were boys.

Anyway this topic is controversial, let’s hear from you in the comments section which side are you? Are women stronger than women or women are much more stronger than men the ball is in your court let’s hear your own opinion. everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, would love to hear from you join the discussion


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