Is It Possible To be Honest in Everything?

Are you an honest person? You may ask yourself, what if someone act in a dishonesty manner to you! How will you feel or react? Generally, we look at dishonesty as an attitude that is detestable especially if we are the victim and some one cheated us in a dishonesty way.

While society generally believe that dishonesty is a very bad attitude and can easily damage one’s integrity or reputation but some believed human being cannot be honest in all aspect of life and dealing with fellow human.

Dishonesty attitude are common among youth today but both young and old are found guilty of this act, it just depend on the situation that makes someone to dishonesty and like the saying goes that if you are honest in little thing so also in much bigger situation. therefore there is no such such thing as little dishonesty. But the big question is Can someone be honest in everything.

Before we proceed, lets take a look at some act of dishonesty as it presents itself in different form. Its very easy for someone to easily fall into deception and makes dishonesty an addition by feeling such an attitude is not bad in itself due to the way the situation the situation that warrant such act presents itself and sometimes it might be to save our self or someone we love. But the fact remains that dishonesty is dishonesty no matter how we get involved.

Do you as a married person use the internet and watch pornography without letting your partner knows about it is a form of dishonesty in marriage, what about using your office time carry out your personal business while so many office tasks are left untended to, that is another for of dishonesty in a place of work. Have you ever been pressured to tamper with your electricity meter and continue for several months without remitting your bill? in other to pay less or nothing at all, think about it. As a market woman, do you sometimes reduce your scale in other favor you and add more gain? Or probably lying to cover up for someone, sometimes it might be too safe that person and it seems to us as if nothing wrong but in the real sense of it, its an act of dishonesty.

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Building a reputation as an honest person is always rewarding, though as mentioned above numerous ways in which some one might be involved in dishonesty its really challenging and may seems hard for one to be honest in everything, but the fact remains that maintaining honesty is always comes with its own benefits as it let people to build trust in you and it earn you respect. People can entrust you with a big responsibility knowing fully well that you will never compromise your value.

Parents need to teach their children the value of honesty this will enable the child to cultivate the attitude of honesty and as such children grow old into an adult, they will appreciate and value honesty.

In my own opinion, its hard and quite challenging to be honest in all aspect of our life because we sometimes bend rules to have our way at times and the motive might not be to cheat or deceive but I take a stand on staying honest no matter what because it says a lot about you and integrity.

Do you remember some other form of dishonesty that makes you think it will be hard for someone to be honest in all things or maybe you have another perspective to the topic of discussion, kindly let us know in the comment section?

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  1. That is impossible to be honest in everything because some honest intention comes with lies at times and may be to safe or protect someone but it still dishonesty

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