List Of Nigerian Internet Forum And Advantage Of Forum Website Over Social Network

The quest for up to date information and social interaction on the internet has contributed to rapid increased in the use of internet platforms where users can interact, chats, and consume information. there is no doubt that social network and internet forum are among the most sought out due to the volume of informations available and interaction that people enjoy on the daily basis.

As an individual, we might have our most preferred platform amongst numbers of them on the internet. In this article, I will like to discuss more on internet forum website as compared to other social network.

Internet forum is an online discussion platform in form of message board where internet user can discuss different topics of interest as its relate to any topic of discussions. internet forum provides a community for users to interact and lend voices inform of personal opinion or an experts perspective depending on the topic of discussions.

List of Notable Nigerian Forum websites are:








And so much more we will update as we review them

Its worthy to note that more  than 90 million Nigerian are the user of these internet forum, Therefore why do you think internet forum is the best platform to interact, contribute and share information. Anyway in my own opinion, i will like to highlight few reasons why i think Internet forum is better than other social network.

Firstly, internet forum are designed in a better organized message boards with different forums well categorized which makes it easy for users to easily find relevant thread in the right forum and every thread starters can easily find the right forum category to post contents and starts thread. it makes information on a forum websites to be easily accessible for every user.

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More so, Contributor on an internet forum are more real in terms of giving expert advice or opinion on a topic of discussion and the interaction can as well breed real life relationship, trust especially on recommendation topics that  required experts opinion. More so users privacy on forum are kept secured as to know body knows users reputation, class or status, users identity are kept anonymous or otherwise revealed by the user itself. Forum moderator cannot be influenced by your status in the society as everyone must conform with forum rules and regulations, every one is regarded as the same and if you misbehave or flaunt forum rules, you will be banned just like any other person.

The moderation system adopted by forum is more balanced and fair to all users, if any user breaks the rules,  such user get a warning. and if such still continues you get temporarily banned and even permanent ban if such user continue breaks the forum rules. This form of moderation keep every one checked and regulate forum users behavior just like any real life community, this is not the same as to what applies on other social network websites.

Furthermore, clear rules and regulation on internet forums makes it less abusive as compare with other social network websites, the rules are clear and if your break it, you get banned, therefore forum users tends to behave themselves.

Forum websites are run like real life communities where the users contributes largely to its success and their choice or want impacted great on the forum communities, because users feedbacks help a forum communities to grow and improve better.

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Forum websites are information library where you can find lots of informative topics depending on the type of niche forum  websites you participate, directs users opinion sometimes validate peoples perspective on a particular topic of discussions, this cannot be compared to other social networks which is more of a crowd and rowdy activities. there is no doubt that forum websites are well of information, fun and more interesting as compare to other social network websites.

I think its the right time we participate more on internet forum due to its numerous positive impact than other social network, You probably want to tell us the one you prefer: internet forum or other social network website? we we love to hear from you in the comment section, kindly join the discussion.




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