Should Transgender Use the Same Bathroom As Others

There has been so much debate on whether a transgender should use a bathroom of the gender they claimed or identify with. This discussion has generated a lot of heated arguments as the right of LGBTQ has been given a positive nod by legalization of same sex marriage.

What is a transgender? You may ask, according to webster dictionary, Transgender relating to, or being a person whose gender identity is opposite the sex the person had or was identified as having at birth.

Due to the fact that a transgender individual has represent a form of gender before and could possibly post a sexual violence in the bathroom. Do you think a transgender individual should be allowed to use any bathroom of their choice or stick to only one, the gender which they now represent?

Majority of transgender results into changing their gender due to “Gender Dysphoria” which is a disorder of someone not been comfortable with his gender of birth. Something worthy of note here is the fact that gender and sex is different entirely, as such a transgender from my own opinion are only label sex gender because the individual has changed sex organ from his organ at birth. Therefore, while will such individual should be asked to use bathroom of their gender at birth or they should be allowed to use any bathroom of their choice. I’m probably as confused as you do but there are more clear guides as to which is appropriate.

Though, I’m not a transgender, but the right rule applies to everyone as regards the use of bathroom because in respective of the prenotion that a transgender using a bathroom that is different from their gender at birth could possibly harass other, their motive is to use the bathroom and leave just like other people disregarding the suppose notion of sexual violence.

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Analyzing from phycological perspective, a transgender individual denied of using his or her choice bathroom might develop discomfort or social rejection which could alter their physiological state of mind and existence and further contribute to gender dysphoria in such transgender individual.

Also, looking at the situation from the legal perspective, the right of the LGBTQ and community are legal in most country now which makes the respect of a transgender hum right to be respected. And due to this, same sex marriage a gaining more acceptance and legalize which make lots of transgender to come out as one and fight for their fundamental human right these days.

A true life experience, of a transsexual of someone I knew that changed her gender from Female to Male endeavored to change garments in the kid’s bathroom at school preceding going to a melodic venue class, in which he was immediately denied admittance by an educator, at that point constrained into the young lady’s bathroom all things being equal. This left him shaken, exceptionally annoyed with the educator for sending him to a spot that presented to him a lot of clear inconvenience. This too driven his companions to scrutinize his sex, what he “truly was.” This as earlier discussed can lead to depression and discomfort for such individual.

In my own opinion , I think transgender should be allow to use any bathroom of their choice. You possibly have a contrast opinion on this matter, kindly let us knowing the comment section, we we love to hear your contribution.

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