Social Media Advertising Is More Efficient Than Traditional Way Of Advertising

The world has become a global village and the use of social media has change a lot of things and the way we do things in a more easy and efficient way.

Advertising is one of the major marketing tools which social media has changed as its enhance the way we showcase and market our goods and services better than before.

The use of modern internet gadget like smartphones, tablets, cloud hosting and numbers of internet service provider has contributed to the pace at which social media efficiently work in advertising our products and services.

You may ask, what is social media? In a simple term, social media are various the medium we use in showcasing files, prints, pictures and communication using internet and this medium has proven to be the most efficient, easy and fast with the help of internet to disseminate information in a twinkle of an eyes. Social media has a viral effect s compare to other means of advertising. Example of social media are the likes of Instagram, Facebook, twitter, telegram, blogs, forum websites amongst others.

There are so many advantages of using social media for advertising your products or services over other traditional way of advertising. Lets analyses some of the advantages of social media advertising over traditional way of advertising.

Firstly, social media advertising is cheaper as compare to other means of advertising, infact you can advertise for free on some social media before you upgrade to a paid or premium depending on your targeted audience or boosting of your coverage area. Most social media allow its user to create a free accounts on which you will have your personal page either for your products and services and you begins to gather hundreds to thousands of followers within few hour of creating your social media account and you can expand your social media presence or reach with just few amount of money to reach more audience, this makes social media a form of low and inexpensive avenue to advertise your products and services as compare to other traditional form of advertising.

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Furthermore, social media gives you a broader reach and advantage of targeted audience, which means with the use of social media, you are not limited to people in your locality alone like when you advertise on tv and radio. You have the advantage of reaching a global audience with your products and services and you might decide to target people in your locality or certain geographical area that your products or services might appeal to most or that can patronize you better.

Interesting thing about the use of social media is that your product and services can easily be shared and go viral to millions of social media user in a matter of minutes as social media has a way of allowing other user to share your advertisement or repost your services even to other social media which could enhance your global reach far beyond your locality which can bring about global exposure and high patronage of your goods and services.

Instant and quick feedback is guaranteed if you adopt social media for your advertising, because you beging to see instant and real time analysis on your products and services like the numbers of people that have seen your products and services, instant comments and means of communicating with you directly either in your comment section or through your social media DM (Direct messaging) and user that have seen and tested your goods and services can gives you feedback on either to improve on your product and services or how they can patronize you.

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Conclusively, Social media is now part of our live and come to stay with future potential which makes it the most efficient and better form of advertising, even in the years to come, your adverts still stand a chance of permanent review online and can become a focus of reference that can bring unstoppable income with little or no modification due to its permanent links.

Do you think about any other form of advertising that is more efficient than the use of social media? Kindly let us know in the comment section and justify your claim.

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