Unmarried Couples Living Together As Husband and Wife, What Is the Big deal

The number of Un married couple living together as husband and wife is increasing today, in our society today we often seen young adult men and women without any legal binding living together without marriage as husband and wife.

You may wonder why do people live together before marriage well in my own opinion, It gives the couple a chance to know each other social interaction and do things together as a friend before the finally tied in knots maybe for them actually determined if they will fit each other in the long run as husband and wife.

No Doubt that living together as an un married couples has its advantages and disadvantages.
Whichever side you might belong to on this controversial topic, let me analyze some of the advantages and disadvantage of living together as an unmarried couple.
Having your own apartment or probably sharing to place with someone and at the same time can be challenging. But at the same time give you an opportunity to know your partner better in terms of value, social interaction, likes and dislike before you both eventually get married.

Also sharing an apartment with someone will give me an opportunity to know the level of loyalty of your partner. General relationship requires effort on both party for it to work, it’s also good to know that the success of living together as an unmarried couple does not really matter as to the success of living happily afterward when they eventually agreed to tied the knot.

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All living together as an unmarried couple would prevent an opportunity to know the worst of your partner and in turn make gives you an opportunity to adjust or to tolerate each other more.
Furthermore or living together as an unmarried couple would you put on married couple and opportunity to bridge their finances. for example splitting their financial expenses and to cultivate a saving habit.

Understanding of both parties living together in this regard as so many issues to be put into concentration especially in terms of what can easily really irritate the other parties and what could easily lead to break up at the end of the day.

Considering the disadvantage of living together as an unmarried couple those years of staying together as an unmarried easily being thrown into the bin by little misunderstanding which could be avoided if both couple have been legally married. Marriage is a form of protection for man or woman in times of disputes. Knowing fully well, that divorced could have been averted or avoided if both couples are legally married.
Legal marriage for both partner might works towards resolving whatever differences they may have and boost thier chances of coming together instead of their relationship hitting the wall.

This part of the world, an un married couple are perceived as an individual establishing and illegal relationship of getting involved in an immoral or illicit lifestyle especially in the area of sex. Because there is know how two people can continue to live in a space without sexual sexual cohabiting, which societies might perceived as wrong Not yet legally married. You may be of the opinion that there is nothing wrong or bad with an unmarried couple living together as husband and wife . Unfortunately, our society may disagree.

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Have you ever taught of what could be the fate of them in the eventuality that this relationship does not work or lead to marriage, which means those years of hard work they have put up with each other are a mere waste of time, energy and resources. More so , both partner might have invested so much in a joint venture or investment as a result of living together and when the going was not good anymore, this may lead to serious issue of disagreement especially where one of both parties feelsĀ  much have been invested than the other and as such profit or gains of such a joint business cannot be shared equally or probably lead to extinction of a potential thriving business.

I’m sure you probably have your own perspective to this discussion, Kindly let us know in the comment section what you think in your own opinion as regards unmarried couple living together as husband and wife.


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