Who Should be Held Responsible For Lekki Toll Gate Killing

The events of October 20, 2020 still remain fresh in the minds of Nigerians especially the family and friends of the victims of the lekki toll gate unlawful killing. The unarmed End SARS Protesters were fired by the Nigerian Army. Numbers of protesters lost thier lives during the killing, while some got injured and many were missing. Though the governor of Lagos state says no lives was lost in the incident but later confirmed to the loss of lives later in an interview with CNN journalist. Also the Nigerian army denied been presence at the toll gate, claiming that the footage that went viral on social media were doctored but later admitted to the claim in front of the press at an investigative panel sitting that army were sent to lekki toll gate the location of the protest on the order of the state governor.

More were revealed on November 21 when the Nigeria Army responded to CNN documentary that live and blank bullet were handy with the soldier when they were deployed to the toll gate to protect the soldiers incase of an emergency and despite all this confirmation, the shooting of protesters by the Nigerian army were still denied.

Several video footage of the incidents went viral on social media that attest o the incident which also matched the livestreaming of DJ Switch, a Nigerian DJ, who livestreamed the incident as its happening live from her Instagram handle. She attest that she was at the location of the killing, that seven lives was lost as at when she was livestreaming on instagram, she said Army and Nigerian police shot at the protesters and many body were moved away from the scene and could not continue the recording after her phone battery died. No doubt that the video recorded from her livestreaming is another evidence of the killing as it was captured live.

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More detailed and comprehensive analysis documentary were released by CNN on November 18, 2020, showing eye witness accounts and photographs of the incident and detailed analysis of the video file using timestamps which correlate with the exact time the protest and incidents occured. According to CNN, the Nigeria government do not comment when asked for clarification on the incident.

CNN establish more detailed on the bullet casing found at the scene which was traced to serbian which happen to be the same place Nigeria have imported bullet from 2005 to2016. This and many more has generate reaction from the public that how could such an incident be denied from all quarters despite the obvious evident in the public knowledge.

Fast forward to 13th February 2020, another peaceful protest emerged tagged #occupylekkitollgate, a peaceful protest aimed at demanding justice for the killing of an innocent victims murdered during the #endsars protest. Earlier before, The Nigerian government had issued warning to whoever that wan to embark on the #occupylekkitollgate protest to desist.

The set date of the #occupylekitollgate witness a mamount crowd of police officers in their number, well kitted in a unique Nigerian police uniform looking fierce and ready to deal with any protester at the Lekki tollgate. This does not stop already determined protesters who joined force at the lekki toll gate to demand justice for the unlawful killing of October 2020. Sadly, many youth that came for the protest were arrested, harassed and detained. among them is MR Macaroni, a content creator and comedian who livestream the incident at the point of his arrest and update the public of his experiences in the hands of the Nigerian police.

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After all the back and forth of the protest that even results into the gruesome killing of unarmed protesters, the big question is: who is responsible for the lekki toll gate killing and what justice in view for the victims that lost their lives. join the conversation, lets hear your opinion.


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