Why Bigbrothernaija Reality Show Are More Influential Than Gulder Ultimate Search

Bigbrothernaija is one of the most watched TV reality show in Africa, despite the fact that it was staged in Nigeria. This is a type of TV reality shows that showcase numbers of contestant camped in a luxurious house with all the basic amenities, and food needed to survive for a certain period of weeks the reality show will last.

The TV reality show showcase their contestant in everyday normal lifestyle living and introduce a couple of task most time to entertain, build the contestant, educate and to animate their daily mood.

The Big brother TV reality show has its stages of eviction which will be determined by the viewers at home through voting for your favourite housemate. This stages of eviction continues weekly as deem fits by the house owner always refer to as “Bigi” or Big brother until the final weeks when the a Winner will emerge and walk away with lots of Cash and prizes not to talk of the instant fame that follow up as the Winner of the Bigbrother naija TV show.

Winning Bigbrothernaija TV reality show means more than becoming a millionaire as it provides platform for making more money than you earn on the TV show. The winner instantly become famous and in turn most popular brand are ready to work with the winner, therefore securing more cash bag. This is the main reason why the organiser keep recording thousands of participant for the audition every year and they are making huge profits as an entertainment investors.

Coparetively, Gulder ultimate search is a popular TV reality show where contestant are camped for numbers of weeks taking on different rigorous task.

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As a contestant on the Gulder Ultimate Search TV reality show, you must be fit and healthy enough to contend with other participant on the reality show.

Contestant got evicted at different stages of the show just like bigbrothernaija and the winner walk away with cash prizes, car and lots of goodies.

Therefore, there has been so much controversial talk on why Bigbrothernaija TV reality show is more influential than the Gulder Ultimate Search TV show. Join the discussion now what is your take?

Here are some fact you need to know about Bigbrother Naija reality show:

Big Brother Naija, some time ago known as Big Brother Nigeria, is a Nigerian reality rivalry TV arrangement, in light of the Big Brother TV establishment, in which 12 to 26 hopefuls live in a detached house and seek a huge monetary reward worth 85,000,000 Nigerian Naira, and other material endowments, toward the finish of the show by trying not to be expelled from the house by watchers who vote in favor of their number one housemates to stay in the show.

The main period of the show initially broadcasted on M-Net and DStv Channel 37 from 5 March to 4 June 2006. The democratic outcomes were confirmed by the evaluating organization of Alexander-Forbes.

The principal period of the show initially circulated on DStv Channel 37 from 5 March to 4 June 2006. In a bend to the game, two new challengers were presented on Day 23, a lot to the energy of the leftover housemates.

Ebuka, the most well known housemate for half a month into the show and generally accepted to arise the victor was the seventh housemate to be ousted; numerous watchers accuse the Joe’s Fan Club (JFC) for his expulsion. Joe himself was before long removed from the show.

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Big Brother added another bend to the game on Day 79 by dropping the day’s booked designations and causing the housemates to accept they will rather be ousted dependent on their exhibitions on relegated assignments while actually no more removals were held and watchers started deciding in favor of the victor who ended up being 26-year-old Katung Aduwak.

Gulder Ultimate Search (additionally called GUS) is a Nigerian unscripted tv arrangement, made and supported by Nigerian Breweries Plc to advance the Gulder Lager Beer. The main season debuted in 2004. The GUS arrangement is additionally the absolute first 100% neighborhood content unscripted tv program in Nigeria and it is an endurance type reality program that features the battle of Contestants (10–30 people, contingent upon the reference version), their battles against themselves and the wild for example nature and their search for a concealed fortune that brings to the last individual standing moment popularity and fortune. The Winner of the last season in 2012 brought home a 10 million naira monetary reward and a SUV.

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