Why Do Most Nigerian Female Actress Source Of Wealth Become Questionable

Why Do Most Nigerian Female Actress Source Of Wealth Become Questionable

Nigerian movie industry is one of the fastest growing movie and filmmaking industry in the world which has contributed greatly to the economic development of Nigeria economy in the recent time more than decades ago, and there is no limits to this as the development of Nigerian entertainment industry which filmmaking is one of the integral part keep improving day in day as more content creator are rising and more contents are been produced on monthly basis.

Nigeria film industry which is also known as Nollywood were perceived as male dominated industry in the past due to the fact that most of the core production work are more and better handled by men in the industry, yet the growth of Nigerian movie industry cannot be achieved in isolation of women who has become a much more relevant and integral part of Nigerian Nollywood today. Apart from the fact that Nigerian women has risen up to the game to take up more challenging role in the industry as either film producer, director, editors and so many females doing well behind the scene, we also have the best of female actress that are making Nollywood proud even beyond the chore of Africa.

Generally, actors and actresses are been paid depending on their role in a particular movie project and charges negotiation between the producer and the cast, more so, the price can be influenced by how long an actor or an actress has been in the game of acting which some categorized as A list or B list actor or actresses,  Whatever categories an actor might fall, the fact remains that either you are a male or female actor, you are being paid according to your role or an agreed charges which gives both male and female actor an equal chance of making money in the industry.

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In recent times, there so many reactions especially when a female actress acquire new luxury, may be acquiring new car, house or other wealth. People tends to believe female actress acquire this wealth from shady means or unclean source where as there is little or no such attention to their male counterpart when acquired such wealth or sudden luxury. Its understandable that apart from money making from acting, some of these female actresses have their personal thriving businesses and investment, not to even talk about so many that smile to the bank as a result money they acquired from ambassadorial deal which could justify the reason why these female actresses could afford all this luxury.

Analyzing people reactions in the case of Regina Daniel, a 19 year old Nigerian actress at a time she became a trending topic on the internet when she post on her social media of buying herself a second Mercedes Benz car and getting her mother a brand new house in the space of four weeks.  Some social media user react that what kind of movie has she acted that could gulp her such money to buy Benz and house for her mum, that that could only be possible if Nollywood now pays in millions. Another person says: Reginia Daniel have never been seen on a blockbuster movie that could fetch her so much money to acquired such luxury and the most common of all reaction is that she could possibly into “runs” which means prostitution.

The above example is one out of numerous case of questioning Nigerian female actress source of wealth and the most common allegation is that they are selling their body for wealth. Why so much noise about female actress, After all they were been paid same charges as their male colleague in the industry and even if they have other source of income, do you think its shady, don’t you think they can make their income legitimately? Why so much talk about female actress than the male actor? Join the conversation and lets hear your own opinion on this topic.

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