Why Is Watching TV Gradually Fading Away

Gone are the days when watching television is the only source of watching news and our favorite movies. In the recent times, the media industry has experienced a tremendous shift from the era of Analogue Television to digital with more cable television providing more digital contents with high definition quality and the greatest of all is the transition from watching tv to more interest in watching videos. though this does not implies that watching television has totally fade away rather their are unprecedented increased in the way people consume digital videos than staying longer hour gluing to the television set to watch television.

Major Tv Provider has experienced major drops in the rate of cable tv subscription which brings the general rating for cable and broadband subscription to a low and the word is now experiencing a historical transition from watching television to watching videos,  and movies online.

You may wonder what has contributed to this changes? look no further. The emergence and popularity in the use of mobile devices has contributed greatly to the historical shift from watching tv to watching videos. I will interest you to know that up to 60 percentage of YouTube traffic comes from mobile devices and as we all know that YouTube is one of the leading video streaming platform on the internet, nearly every videos are available on the internet, in fact YouTube is a video internet itself because YouTube provides a platform for you to watch videos from all categories from movies to documentary, educational and even tv series. YouTube also provides platform for content provider to create their video content and monetized it, this has make YouTube a very useful tools for content creator and a source to generate some good amount of income.

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Similar to YouTube is Netflix which is a video streaming platform which is subscription based, nearly all the most talk about movies and tv shows and series are available for subscriber to watch on Netflix. So imagine paying small amount to subscribe to Netflix monthly as a movie enthusiast to watch all my favorite movies on Netflix on my mobile devices on a go than to always look out to watch movie on tv which subscription might be higher than Netflix and even the movie time schedule might not be convenient for me, I’m sure you will go for better option of Netflix.

Watching videos or moves on mobile devices is easy and more convenient as far as  you have internet data, there are even free Wi-Fi services available that are willing to offer data services free which making catching up with your favorite movie or tv shows more easy. More so, the TV contents provider prefer to premier the contents online first or make it available on movie subscription platform before they put it on TV, this might be as a result of the popularity in consumption of videos online and they tends to get their return on investment than releasing their contents on TV first.

Furthermore, the  widely use of social media by the general populace today provides a means of watching varieties of video contents because majority of all social media allow creating and uploading of video contents including movies and self created videos which are more than enough to  satisfy the hunger to watch TV. People are busy as a result of day to day activities and hardly have time to sit on a spot to consume TV program except for few which their time permit them, therefore people prefer means that is mobile and readily available on the go.

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There is no doubt that the best of Television contents are everywhere on the internet and are easily accessible on smartphone and all internet enable gadget which makes it easy for people to either stream directly or download to watch as to spending hours in front of their tv box. The reality is here and dawn on us and this technology has brought us, I predicted in some more years to come, the number of people that watch tv will continue to decline more and more than before.

Do you think there are more reason while watching television is gradually fading away or you have a contradicting opinion, kindly lets hear your own opinion in the comment section.


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