Why Saying Hello To Someone Is Beneficial To You

Saying hello to someone could mean so much more than an ordinary gesture or a show of attention. Saying hello is a quick form of greeting that could mean a way of starting a conversation with someone for the first time or probably someone you haven’t seen in a long while. Whoever you might say hello to, the essence is to seek their attention and could suggest some form of relationship starter either for a moment or a relationship to be maintained for a very long time.

Greetings is a way of establishing communication with someone and it show some form of respects especially for someone older than you. What then is the benefit or importance of saying hello.

Different culture or ethnic have different way of greetings and as well showing consideration for both old and young. For example, in a Yoruba culture of western Nigeria, its is perceived as an act of disrespect greeting an elderly person standing straight and stretching your hands to greet rather it shows respect when you kneel down as a woman and bend your head up to your knee as a man, where as in the western world, handshake is a normal form of greeting.

Generally, saying hello to someone as a form of greeting means so much than not greeting at all. One benefit of saying hello as a form of greeting is to show courtesy to that person you greet or as a group. For example, you walk through the mist of group of people either you know them before or not, saying hello to them show that you pay homage to them, a form of courtesy call or hailing to them and in return they will reciprocate your greeting and that could say a lot about your upbringings as a respectable personality and could mean a form of protection and make people to come to your aid if you need help especially in a new environment due to the fact that you give them a form of courtesy, you cannot underestimate the power of greeting.

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More so, saying hello to someone could establish a healthy relationship, because when you say hello to someone with a smile as a form of greeting, it will breed atmosphere of peace for further communication and acquittance. We are living in a social environment where human interaction form the basis of our daily living, therefore saying hello to even a total stranger could pave way to seek acceptance depending on the motive of your greeting.

Finally, saying hello to someone as a form of greeting create atmosphere of peace because it establish communication relationship between you and the person you are greeting because people sees someone that has that attitude of not greeting as someone with pride and ego. Though, I doesn’t mean that you should be saying hello to every person you see or meet but cultivating act of greeting will set you on a path of maintaining good relationship in your environment.

You probably think of more reason why saying hello to someone is more beneficial? Kindly join the conversation and let us discuss more in the comment section


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